View Full Version : very slow streaming from ATV2

Nov 23, 2010, 12:19 PM
I've tried searching for an answer but can't find anything on here.

I got apple tv today, got home set it up and it seemed to work fine, i was streaming a film from my MBP no problems. No it just seems to have decided to give up and is taking for ever. I updated to the latest software and from my search's on the internet think this could be the cause. Is there a way to reset to the original software? I've tried restoring to factory settings but it downloads the latest software automatically. I've been out and bought a new router as mine was completely outdated anyway, my speed tests have increased by about double but still no improvement on apple tv.

Also when i tried renting a movie i got a message saying it needed HDCP. Does this mean my tv won't play rented movies or movies i buy from itunes? If so that seems stupid and only promotes illegal downloads.

I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer.