View Full Version : Powermac g3 b/w POST error?

Jan 18, 2005, 02:26 AM
Ok i bought this g3 off ebay and it came with 9.2.1 Mac Os it has like 128mb of ram. and a 400mhz cpu. it is rev. 2 mobo, (Incase any of you guys read my other post reagarding ram for my g3, this is a different mac) :) So here is my situation, i am kinda new with macs and i did some upgrades to it, put in a dvd-r burner, zip drive, and OS X everything ran great. Somehow it just wont post. like when i turn it on, I see two green lights turn on the mobo, and the 3rd led is on for a sec, then turns off, that led is the one next to the cpu. I messed with the cpu and resetted it, added thermal grease and a heatsink, and stupidly messed with the jumper settings, but they are still the same, but i dont know which end of the block goes which direction lol I hope that im not losing you guys. So i turn it on 3 leds light up, a sec later, 2 leds stay on, and that is it, no, chimes, the hhd spins and the fan is working. i am thinking that the cpu might be the problem. if it is what show i do to upgrade it? Thanks for all replys, hopefully you guys understand what my situation is, my knowledge with macs is not that great, cheers!


Jan 18, 2005, 02:36 AM
Take a look here, everything you'll wanted to know about G3 Macs: