View Full Version : 11.6" Ultimate or 11.6" (1.4ghz/4gb/64)

Nov 29, 2010, 09:12 AM
Hey guys im finalising my purchase this week so which do you think i should get?

Will the 11.6" 1.4ghz be enough? Mostly word processing does it make any difference in gaming or do you think i should just push it and go with the ultimate? I'd have to stretch my budget a fair bit with the ultimate

Nov 29, 2010, 09:40 AM
Even though I managed ok with a RevA MBA 1.6/2/80 as a primary machine for a year or so I admit it was a bit slow and when I decided to try a 2010 11.6 MBA i was a bit worried about 1.4ghz (and absolutely knew 64gb of SSD and 2gb of ram were not enough for my current needs).

After a couple weeks of using the 11.6" MBAu as my primary machine I am very impressed. It could actually be my only machine not just my primary if supplemented with external storage and an occasionally used cd/dvd reader.

I seldom max out the 1.6 CPU wise. Sometimes some java based apps manage it for a few seconds at a time but my routine office, database, drawing, and music/ video activities don't seem to stress it much and it stays quiet and cool.

Only you can say for sure but I expect a lot of folks would be happy with the 1.4.