View Full Version : Any RC helicopter enthusiasts here?

Nov 29, 2010, 09:38 PM
getting bit by the bug once again. havent had much luck with flying successfully other than the co-axial heli's.

Heli's i have purchased in past years:
1. esky lama co-axial
2. .30 nitro Jr. Venture (1200 dollar mistake..crashed in parking lot)
3. Venon night ranger II collect pitch (2000 dollar mistake..took it out the box and spoolled it up to try to hover. It wouldnt lift no matter how high i increased the throttle. Hit a switch on the transmitter and it took off and flew right into my 50" flat screen at full throttle.
4. Blade CX
5. Blade CP (sitting on the shelf)

so now I am looking at the new 3 axis gyro auto stabilization heli's that recently came out. any suggestions? i'm looking for a fixed pitch heli that flies easily like the coaxials. :)