View Full Version : Delay in recognizing external audio input

Dec 2, 2010, 10:08 PM
You know how macs distinguish volume levels between the computer's speakers and headphones/external speakers once you insert an auxiliary cable?

Well, with my 2007 MBP, the laptop instantly recognizes the volume settings for external sound the moment you plug in a cable. With my new MBA, however, I plug in my headphones and the computer doesn't recognize that anything's plugged in until 2-4 seconds later.

With my old MBP, I can plug in my headphones and immediately adjust the volume settings/play music or whatnot. But with the MBA, I can plug in my headphones and if I adjust the volume or play any sound, the laptop speakers plays them until 2-4 seconds later when the computer recognizes the audio input.

Anyone else notice this? Is this a hardware or software issue?

I know it's not a major issue at all, but I'd still like to understand what the issue may be.