View Full Version : Likelihood of shipping damage to iPod classic?

Dec 7, 2010, 08:36 PM
Should I return my iPod classic unopened, or have I just got a morbid imagination?

I got a sinking feeling today when I pulled the Amazon box out of the mailbox: I could feel the iPod sliding around inside.

When I opened it, I found that Amazon shipped it (2-day shipping, so probably mostly by air) in a (sturdy but somewhat crumpled) corrugated cardboard box with two little air packs inside. The air packs were both deflated, so there was room inside for the iPod to move in all three dimensions... I can just picture my little iPod riding at the bottom of a mail bag over the wheel well of a USPS truck and bouncing through about 86,400 oscillations (4 * 60 * 60 * 6) on 2 3-hour truck trips.

Since the iPod classic is essentially a hard drive, and I would be reluctant to accept a hard drive shipped this way, should I return it? Does the fact that the air packs were collapsed indicate that the iPod box was accelerated violently enough to burst them?

A couple (possible) mitigating factors:

1) does the iPod hard drive retract and lock down when off? My old MBP once fell off a 4-foot counter (while in use) and the hard drive survived, I imagine because the inertial sensor detected that it was in free fall and locked the hard drive.

2) The iPod is in the Apple shrinkwrapped box, which is a good deal thicker than the actual device. So is the Apple packaging enough protection?

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Dec 7, 2010, 09:41 PM
Harddrives are very resilient when in non-operating condition (off), especially in Apple's box.

Dec 7, 2010, 11:34 PM
Stranger things have happened but I've ordered over 50 iPods in the last 8 years from Amazon and neither one has come back faulty.