View Full Version : Printer Driver Problem HP CP 1700

Jan 21, 2005, 03:23 AM
I have a Hp Color Inkect 1700.
If I plug it directly to the IMAC G5 (10.3.7) it automatically recognizes the printer and everything is fine....

My problem arrises because my Printer is attached to a PC (Windows XP).

In printer setup utility, I press add while holding Control Key (advanced option appears)...the you select (Windows printer via SAMBA).

I put the correct SMB string and when I go to choose the Driver, when I list all the HP drivers....there is no CP1700.

Does anybody knows if these drivers (that print via samba) are different ones that the ones that the mac standard uses?

As I told you before If I connect the printer directly it appears automatically...but via samba...a alot of Hp drivers appear but not this CP1700.

Thanks for advise.