View Full Version : G4 Towers...soon enough EOL?

Jul 8, 2001, 10:45 AM
At the very end of June, all G4 towers moved to EOL status at CompUSA. That's about 3 weeks prior to MacWorld NY. There are those that thing that this is not enough time to sufficiently clear the channels (in Apple's view) and that as a result, no new G4 towers will be announced @ MWNY.

It would seem to me that since it's not a secret that CompUSA has moved to EOL status on these units, that SOMETHING would have to give in the way of new towers. Do you guys agree with me?

I really need new towers @ this MWNY. My G3 has been sold, and I will, in a day or two, be webbing it on an i-opener (hacked to run Win98) in the interrim. I hope Seybold is not when we'll see the new towers...