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Sep 4, 2002, 03:47 AM
Okay, it's not THAT big but I need to clean house to make room for some new toys. Here's how it works: I'll post links below the items for info and pics etc. and if you want pics/info of my actual stuff send me a private message and I'll snap some and send em to you with the details.
Here we go...

-PowerBook G4 Titanium 550 384 mb RAM, 20 gig, DVD, 10.1
-ZERO Halliburton Z5 Alluminum Laptop Case, Silver. Kicks SERIOUS ass! Perfect match with the TiBook. Very James Bond-like.
-Canon Canoscan N676U Scanner. Never even used.
-Epson Stylus 8Cubed. A special edition 880(or 880i) that matched the Cubes and Graphite PowerMacs. Also never used.
-Contour MiniPro USB 2 button Optical Mouse. very portable and matches the TiBook perfectly
-Que! Fire BurnProof 16x10x40 FireWire CDRW drive. with leather case, cable.
-Macromedia Flash 5 Educational. It's exactly the same as the full retail version only I bought it at school. Boxed, mint, everything original. I'll throw in a free book, How to do Everything with Flash 5.
-Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev4 Educational. Same deal as above.
-Adobe Illustrator 10 Edu. OS X native. Boxed with all the original stuff.
-Adobe Photoshop 6 Classroom in a Book. The official Adobe training manual.
-Microsoft Office XP Professional 2002 for Windows. Again, Edu discount. Boxed with everything. Mint.
-Wacom Graphire 2 Graphics Tablet. Tablet with pen and a great 2 button wireless mouse with scrollwheel. Great for inkwell;)
-Griffin iMic. USB audio interface. also matches the TiBook. never used.

That about does it. If you are interested in anything just send me a PM or you can email me at tj297@yahoo.com Oh, and I'm open to trades. I'm looking for a PowerMac, preferably Quicksilver or above.

Sep 4, 2002, 09:38 PM
how much for the case yo?

Sep 4, 2002, 10:32 PM
how much for the canon scanner?

is that the same one that has the usb powersource?