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Jan 10, 2011, 05:33 PM
Heya everyone!

I feel like I’m in a tough situation so I am calling on all of you for help. To start, I had a school issued :apple: macbook pro 2 years ago until the college I am attending forced me to give it up in exchange for a Lenovo (evil I know :mad:). In my school, your major decides your comp and because I switched… Anyway, now I want my mac back and I have enough money to do it. The problem is deciding what. So to sum it up:

I have a windows laptop that I MUST keep for at least 1.5 more years.
I do a lot of design work on the side (Adobe Suite and other design software)
I am a gamer
I will be probably be installing windows 7 on bootcamp
I am aiming to purchase an iPad 2
I will be using Office or something similar
I am looking at the 27 inch iMac and the 15 inch Macbook Pro at the moment.
I have a budget of less than $2000.

I am open to all opinions and suggestions. Thanks, Roads8.

Jan 10, 2011, 06:17 PM

You have a portable computer, why do you wan't another one?
And also, there are plenty of threads that compare the iMac vs. the Macbook Pro. Before posting a thread (again) go ahead and check those out first.

Jan 10, 2011, 06:41 PM
try :

or this:

remember MRoogle is your best friend in the digital MAC ages...

but like the above poster said: iMac definitely. your budget is 2000 so im sure you can get a pretty good desktop for gaming purposes, etc.

Jan 10, 2011, 06:53 PM
I understand that there are a lot of other threads dealing with the issue but most of them are outdated or have a different situation. Plus, if I were to go by most of them, I should get a macbook pro.

Anyway, thank you for the advice.

Jan 10, 2011, 07:17 PM
What are the specs of your current laptop and is it locked down (like restrictions on installing stuff, etc)

Jan 10, 2011, 07:36 PM
it is a Lenovo T510, 320GB HD, 3GB RAM, Intel Core i5, 512MB NVIDIA Graphics Card. The only locks on it that I can't break (without repercussions ;)) is the fact that it is on a 32-bit system.