View Full Version : blank dvd, dvd-r, which deal is better?

Jan 30, 2005, 10:01 PM
what should i buy, which deal is better? I will be using this for pioneer dvdr-sk12

gigastorage 8x dvd-r

Piodata 4x dvd-r

Jan 30, 2005, 10:29 PM
both are pretty cheap brands (cheap in terms of price and quality). I have some cheap DVD's I bought a little bit ago (100 for $32 or something), and let me tell you, they are almost nothing but a problem. first disc I burnt failed halfway through, second disc wouldnt play in a DVD Player. I gave my friend a few of those DVD's so he could burn a master dvd to get printed and duplicated elseware, and it wouldnt work... then he put a Memorex dvd in and it worked flawlessly.

so basically, in my experience, the cheap DVD media is really only good for data, not video... its kinda hit or miss with video, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt... if you are planning on burning video, I would go with Memorex (I was able to get a 25 pack for $19.99, not too bad).