View Full Version : GrooveMaker Cool & Dre App Released

Jan 14, 2011, 05:51 PM
IK has released one of the best GrooveMaker packs yet, GrooveMaker Cool & Dre for iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPad (http://www.groovemaker.com/coolanddre). This new installment, allows you to create professional, full-length songs in minutes, with its unique combination of advanced remixing software and high-quality included loops' sound content.


Check out some audio (http://www.groovemaker.com/gmiphone/audiodemo/coolanddre.php) or video (http://www.groovemaker.com/ipad/videodemo/index.php?movie=4) demos, here (http://www.groovemaker.com/ipad/videodemo/index.php?movie=4).

Included sound features:

- Massive loops library of drums, bass, bass-drums, lines, pads, percussion, effects
- West Coast and Dirty South hip-hop style
- 4 included songs + 1 FREE song when you register
- 315 loops
- 89-68.5-67-69-90 BPM
- 355 MB of samples

Range, pricing and availability:

GrooveMaker Cool & Dre for the iPhone/iPod Touch (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/groovemaker-cool-dre/id411885837?mt=8) is priced at $7.99/5.99 and GrooveMaker Cool & Dre for the iPad (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/groovemaker-cool-dre-for-ipad/id411890742?mt=8) can be yours at $9.99/7.99. Both are available in the Apple iTunes App Store.

More information on GrooveMaker Cool & Dre for iPhone/ iPod/ iPad (http://www.groovemaker.com/coolanddre) can be found at http://www.groovemaker.com (http://www.groovemaker.com/coolanddre).

More information on Cool & Dre's music production, websites, discography and bio information can be found at www.coolanddre.com (http://www.coolanddre.com/).