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Jan 19, 2011, 10:43 PM
Hi guys, I've been a lurker since I made the jump over to Mac, gotta say I love it. Here's my question.

I currently have a base model MBA (Late 2010) 2gb RAM, 128 gb SSD.

I absolutely love the size of this computer, and its quickness. I noticed that in most instances what I use the MBA for works great. Some games, writing, and some photo editing(basic), but as far as ram is concerned I'm always on edge.

My wife absolutely loves this computer so I'm going to give her this one, and I'd like to upgrade.

I'm in the Navy as is she, and we do much traveling and for the space in our compartments these laptops are great, but I'm thinking about getting a base 13" MBP and then going over to macbook sales getting 8 gb RAM and a 120 gb SSD. My other option would be to get a MBA 13" with 4gb RAM and 128 gb SSD.

What would you guys suggest?

Jan 19, 2011, 11:21 PM
Hey there,

First off thanks for serving, both you and your wife. I'm considering the Navy or Air Force now actually, once I graduate college next year. Anyway, I would hold off on buying a new mbp 13" now because of upcoming updates ( don't know when, but likely sooner than later within the Late Feb-April time frame) unless you need one now/ are deploying. The 13" mbp will make you happy as well, no issues really, great machine; just not up to par with the "i" processors yet.

MBA, if you loved it so much, I would just get the maxed out 13"

Jan 20, 2011, 09:24 AM
Yeah... once you wield a MBA all other laptops start to feel cumbersome/bulky. Can't wait until all laptops get this small/light.

Good luck with Air Force/Navy, I personally love it, and I have no complaints. Best decision I ever made, just wish I had made it earlier. :)

Good luck and thanks.