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Ian McGeofry
Jan 21, 2011, 12:05 PM


iPad 2 rumours are ten a penny right now, but we’ve just had possibly the most compelling hint so far as to one of the key details surrounding Apple’s new tablet: the all-important launch date.

Eagle-eyed observers have spotted a date icon on the top left of the screen on a leaked image of the new Apple slate, showing the date February 9. Promo images of the original iPad had the exact same icon in the exact same place showing the date January 27 – the date Apple announced its tablet for the first time.

If Apple is preparing an iPad 2 launch event for February 9 it would broadly be in keeping with other recent rumours suggesting the tablet’s launch would be a few days later this year than in 2010.

The other major talking point doing the rounds at the moment is centred around just what sort of display the iPad 2 will have. Some tipsters say it will be unchanged from the current model, others that it will have double the current VGA resolution – making for a whopping 2048×1536-pixel screen.

Most rumours point towards something in between: an increase on the current display’s quality, but not to anything quite as dramatic as double-VGA, especially given the compatibility issues that would arise from such an unusual resolution.

That aside, cameras front and back for some FaceTime action seem all but certain, though suggestions that the physical Home button would be making way altogether thanks to some new multitouch gestures spotted in early versions of iOS 4.3 have proved unfounded: Apple has clarified that the gestures are simply for developers to test, for the time being anyway.

What d'yall think :)

Jan 21, 2011, 12:07 PM
What d'yall think :)

I think it has already been discussed in several other threads
A search on Feb 9 will probably bring them up :)