View Full Version : Please recommend me a calendar app

Jan 23, 2011, 06:50 AM
Here is what I'm looking for.

I have various google calendars which synced via Exchange (google sync) on the iPad.

So I do *not* need a calendar app that syncs with the google app, because the google calendar is already in sync with the Ipad calendar.

What I'm looking for is a calendar app that taps into the iPad calendar database.

Actually I use Calendars from Readdle, which is ok. What I miss is a weeks view that gives me the whole week in one look or view without further scrolling up and down needed.

I would like to reduce the hours shown to something linke 7am to 9 pm in order to gain space.

For the iPhone week cal does this. For the iPad I haven't found any app that does both:

* syncing with iPad calendar
* giving a good view of the week without any scrolling needed.

Any ideas?