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Jan 24, 2011, 09:37 AM
Meet Carnivores: Ice Age, one of the most waited-for games on iOS platform and a worthy sequel to Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.


Following tremendous success of the first part, Carnivores: Ice Age brings challenging gameplay, new maps, new animals to hunt, Game Center integration and advanced social sharing features.


The main thing which sets Carnivores series apart from other hunting apps is that the animals act like they are alive - they will run at you if you make a special call and get to you quietly right when you're aiming their poor fellow. Gee, they even have teeth which bite and can kill you if you're too loud or too slow.


Turning regular hunting experience in a dangerous endeavor for a real man, Carnivores: Ice Age even has the tranquilizer hunting option for PETA members to walk around huge open 3D world and amuse the beauty of a lost world.


Jan 24, 2011, 11:42 AM
Submit a photo or an artwork showing pre-historic winter hunting to our Facebook fan page and have a chance to win one of 5 $15 iTunes gift cards!

Photos and artwork are to be connected to the storyline or gameplay of upcoming iOS game Carnivores: Ice Age.

Ideas for photos: pictures of you looking at the giant footprint of a mammoth; you and your friends getting ready for a hunt with funny (winter!) accessories; you hiding behind a snowman while aiming someone with crossbow; you looking with binoculars at a snowy mountain, your grandma's cat standing on the snow with fake saber teeth, etc.

Smart tagline to your photo or artwork or telling a story how it was done may increase your chance to win. Number of positive comments and reactions to a certain artwork increases your chance so you CAN invite your friends to help you win.

Apart from taking pictures you can use any tool to create a visual: draw it on a paper (draw on the snow?) or use any drawing app.

Contestants can be residents of any country, of any age and gender. Contestants need to be fans of Carnivores fan page (facebook.com/carnivores). Each contestant is welcome to submit unlimited number of artwork or photos dedicated to winter hunting. Photos and artwork are to be submitted to Carnivores fan page wall (people who don't have Facebook are free to e-mail us at support@tatemgames.com). Contest starts on January 20th and ends on January 26th (2011). Authors of 5 most astonishing and inventive photos or artwork are winners. Winners are chosen by TatemGames team. Winners are announced on January 28th and will be contacted directly. TatemGames may be using any artwork for promotional purposes. $15 iTunes gift cards will be e-mailed to the winners.

Ready, steady, go!

Jan 27, 2011, 05:53 AM
Carnivores: Ice Age official trailer video OUT:

Youtube - Carnivores: Ice Age Trailer (****************Nzjqx)

Feb 8, 2011, 10:02 AM
Carnivores: Ice Age has successfully passed all the tests at Apple headquarters and is already available for download at the AppStore:
Carnivores: Ice Age for iPad, iPhone and iPod (****************Zvq7r)

Feb 17, 2011, 06:48 AM
Carnivores: Ice Age now #28 in top paid apps with a discounted price of $.99. Help us reach top 10 by getting the game for this unbelievably low price!