View Full Version : GPS Mapping for MAC and Other Stuff

Feb 2, 2005, 06:55 PM
I am now fully functional on my iBook and plan to give the iBook to my dad and upgrade to a powerbook.

Finding a GPS that would work on the Mac took a while because most GPS manufactures don't write USB to Serial drivers for their device but I did find one.
To help those that are looking for these solutions I am posting the links below:

RaymingTN200 GPS USB Receiver

Route 2004 USA mapping software for Macintosh (Europe also available)

Reunion 8 Genealogy software

Pro Tools LE

All of these items perform very well and I highly recommend them. All of the issues Iíve been fighting over the last several years on my pc are now gone. Iíve been converted.

Thanks you Apple!
John Ellis