View Full Version : Is there a HTPC interface that is complete?

Jan 26, 2011, 02:58 PM
I have downloaded both XBMC and PLEX to my MacBook so I can see how they work before I get a Mac Mini and create my home theater system. However, both have issues. Plex has a problem with Flash 10.1, but has everything else I need. XBMC does not have many of the plugins I want and I cannot find some simple guidance on how to load what I want (CNN,HULU,CBS) etc.

I cannot believe it is this difficult to find a good interface for all video and audio without having to screw around with it to make it work the way I want.

Any information on a better prorgram, or at least an easy step by step on how to add plugins for XBMC would be appreciated.


Jan 26, 2011, 03:57 PM
A better program? I don't think so :)

Nothing wrong with a little 'screwing around'! If you didn't/couldn't do that you'll be stuck with severely limited and visually unimpressive software/hardware solutions - An atv/etc is fine for my mother, but still doesn't do what other cheap platforms have been doing for years and years, couldn't interest me less.

I don't live in the US and know nothing about CNN/HULU/CBS, but you've actually tried the add-on manager right?

edit: A quick google says there's addons for all three, and two of them are in the main repo....