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Jan 29, 2011, 08:28 PM
I recently bought my first mac, an 1.42 GHz eMac. It runs perfectly and I love it. I have all of my iTunes files on an external hard drive and it worked perfectly fine. When I wanted to use iTunes I would just turn on the external drive and it worked fine. But now when I turn my external drive on, nothing happens. It won't show up on my eMac. When I go to disk utility it freezes and I must force quit it. The drive works on my other computers, but it won't work on this one now. It makes noise and stuff so it's on, it just won't come up. Any ideas on how to fix this??? Also I got a mini-vga to rca adapter for my tv. I plugged it all in, but the picture is very blurry. I messed with the settings and stuff, and it's better, but most text is unreadable and the dimensions I must set it at to make the text more readable, the windows don't fit in the whole screen, what settings can I change to fix this??? Also, how do I put bluetooth in it? Is that with the airport extreme card ( which I don't have)? Thanks....

Jan 30, 2011, 01:14 AM
hmm strange the eMac 1.42's are normally problem free if it wasn't a overclocked other eMac before(easy to spot , the amount vram of the graphics card reveals the fake )
bluetooth is not part of the airport extreme , its a separate card(doughter board, thought its discontinued , but some turn up occasionally ) (http://www.welovemacs.com/9226871.html) which needs to be installed inside somewhere on the logicboard, sorry never bothered about bluetooth ..you could order it with bluetooth on time of purchase is all i know about bluetooth in my eMac's (have 3 of that 1.42 model )

to get your harddrive working on the eMac again ,if a restart doesn't sort it , shut down , unplug mains and everything else for a quarter hour then plug back in and start up , that may sort it
put your install disc of tiger ?inside, after you have selected the language go to utilities and repair permissions that usually sorts it
you have to remember you got 3 usb ports but only 2 usb bus inside so 2 ports sharing 1 bus and always remember to unmount/eject the drive never just unplug it or switch it off , because Mac's dont like that kind of behavior

for your tv ? no idea , i always use mini vga to vga to connect one of mine to the tv , maybe someone else can bring light into the rca problem

Jan 30, 2011, 10:04 AM
oh, well then I guess no bluetooth for me.:) and ok, thanks I'll try that, hopefully it'll work.

Jan 30, 2011, 10:33 AM
I unplugged everything for like 20-25 minutes and it's still not working. also my hard drive is through firewire, I have done it through USB to see if that would work, but it didn't...

Jan 30, 2011, 12:27 PM
Reset PRAM. Sometimes it helps for FW problems.

If you want BT, easiest is to buy USB dongle. If you want to get original BT board, there's muuuch cheaper offer than people from "welove$$$" have ;) http://www.dvwarehouse.com/Apple-Bluetooth-Card-for-PowerMac-G5--G4,-eMac,-iMac-G4--G5-and-Mac-Mini-A1044-p-31454.html
It will work OK (I have one of these in my eMac, I added it myself) although official specs are saying that additional antenna kit is needed.

Jan 30, 2011, 12:34 PM
If you want Bluetooth buy one of these:


I have one in my eMac and it is fully mac compatible out of the box. :)