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Feb 8, 2011, 05:52 PM
I have a eMac with os 10.4 and there is also os 9 system. I was wondering if I had to keep os 9 stuff or if I could delete it. I am new to macs and would like to hear back soon. Thanks

Feb 8, 2011, 06:31 PM
10.4 tiger has classic environment (OS9), means in simple words within tiger sits OS9, but if you have a eMac 700mhz ,800mhz or 1ghz(combo drive only) you even can boot direct into OS9 , for the later 1.25, 1.42 there is the classic environment
you can play all the great old os9 games , so dont delete it :(, OS9 is a great operating system ,and classic is a great feature and so much fun
and even some might say they need the latest version of an app , but in my opinion for home use you can still use a older version without any problem really and you get a taste of how working on a Mac was pre OSX

if you need some old games to try and enjoy :D look here they are all abandonware means nobody cares if you download and use them
there are also some great apps (programs ) too and they still work
just give OS9 a chance you will not regret it