View Full Version : X10 Nstinct Universal Remote

Feb 12, 2011, 08:33 PM
Hello, I am looking to replace my Logitech Harmony One (LCD crack/damaged).
I am interested on either to get the Harmony 650 and or the X10 Nstinct.
The 650 costs me ~$80 in Amazon, and the X10 costs less ~$40 and also can control X10 devices (which I currently don't have but find it interesting to add sometime in the future).
My questions are:
1- Any recommendations about these remotes?
2- Know issues or limitations?
3- Can the X10 Nstinct control the PS3?

I have a Sony HD TV, PS3 (with the Logitech bluetooth accessory for the using the remotes to control the PS3), Apple TV and Onkyo Receiver.

Thanks for your suggestions.