View Full Version : Unwanted Airtunes Speakers ON at reboot!

Feb 17, 2011, 11:49 PM
I've got 4 rooms (plus the den computer itself) of Airtunes in my house at the moment (Two 1st Gen Apple TVs and two Airport Express units). At some point, I had one of my Apple TV units controlling the Airport Express unit in my bedroom, but the problem is now every time I need to reboot the unit, the bedroom speaker is turned ON in the Airtunes settings! I turn it off again, but whenever the unit inevitably needs to be rebooted again, it turns itself right back on by default and that is annoying!

I cannot figure out why changing the setting is not sticking. I also noticed my screensaver setting was getting reset to "off" (which I used to have it set to) when a reboot occurred, but lately it has been saving it, probably because I did some software controlled reboots (through SSH) rather than just waiting for a time when the unit locks up (e.g. testing certain Handbrake settings can lead to the lock-up if the AppleTV doesn't like the setting). But resetting this way is not preserving the changed (Apple TV ONLY) Airtunes setting that I want it to default to. In fact, I don't know why I would ever want it to default a reboot to having multiple sets of speakers turned on. Not only is music playing somewhere where I don't want it to, but you eventually get little "crispy" sound artifacts every-so-often, probably related to it keeping both units in time sync with each other over the network.

Is there some way I can get this unit to remember its airtune speaker setting? I just want it to reboot to only outputting to the Apple TV as a default.

The unit is hacked to run XBMC and Boxee, but I've never had any trouble with my other AppleTV unit. This one also had a problem whereby it was syncing photo albums I was NOT selecting for awhile. I had to eventually un-sync all of them and sync to iPhoto temporarily and then switch back in order to get it to work right again (just un-syncing and re-syncing didn't fix the problem; it copied them right back over again. Deleting a directory even made the Apple TV complain that a sync item didn't exist despite it not being selected in the first place! It would put all the un-selected yet synced photos at the BOTTOM of the list on Apple TV (i.e. non in the regular alphabetical order) so I don't know what was going on there, but I've never seen that problem on the other Apple TV either. Both are using the same hack and the same firmware (latest).