View Full Version : Trying to transfer media to 2tb external drive using ATV Flash

Feb 21, 2011, 03:11 AM
When the new ATV2 was announced, I went out and bought a couple spare 160gb ATVs. I hoped to use one of them at a vacation house in a foreign country. I want to open one of them up, flash it with atv flash to enable external drives. I have a WD 2tb Elements drive that I want to transfer some of my files to. Just to make sure that I'm doing this right

Do I have to format the HD in any first?

Does the file transfer have to be done wirelessly or is there some faster way? I'd hate to have to transfer 2 tb of data wirelessly if I didn't have to.

Once done, can I expect to take said ATV and external drive with me to another home and have it all work without anything else?