View Full Version : Seeking a Snaps on Shell type case with a good front cover (Form Fitting) for iPad 1

Mar 2, 2011, 04:32 PM
I know there are a few in the market, Incase has almost the perfect case, but you get those wonderful bumps on the back :rolleyes:, Marware comes close as well, but it adds a bit of bulk and weight. I currently use the Apple Case, and would prefer something closer to what is described in the title.

Just figuring I would throw this out there and see if someone could return something back with the perfect case :D

With the way they made that cover for the iPad 2 it got me really wanting something close like that for my iPad 1....SOMEONE has to have made something like this with quality :confused:

Thanks for any help, hopefully this thread could help others as well :)