View Full Version : new HD problems

Feb 22, 2005, 03:47 AM
Yesterday I bought a 250GB hard drive (IBM/Hitachi, just the drive, i.e. no external case), which I wanted to use to replace my external 160GB Maxtor drive as backup-drive. After I removed my 160GB drive from the case and installed the 260GB and attached it (firewire) to my 12" rev C Powerbook, it showed up as 128GB. (Not formated yet, but when I started up Disk Utilities.)

Now, I know that certain ATA controllers have a certain limit for the drive sizes that they can controll, but I would have imagined that if it can take a 160GB, but not larger, the 250GB would show up also as a 160GB.

I then installed the 250GB in my "very old, very first generation" G4 350Mhz, where it also only showed up as a 128GB drive.

Now, am I just very unlucky, that both controllers dont support larger drives and for some odd reasons the 250GB shows up as a 128GB in the external case, even though it supports drives as large as 160GB, and the old G4 doesnt go larger anyway,....
is the drive broken?

any ideas and suggestions?