View Full Version : iPod Touch 4G won't boot, boots past greenpois0n logo and white screen

Mar 28, 2011, 12:30 PM
So I installed a theme for Winterboard. Everything went fine and I had it looking all nice and stuff.

Today I wake up iPod is working fine. I go to class, show it off. By next period I take my iPod out and it's just on the Apple logo. After a few minutes it goes to the greenpois0n modified apple logo, a completely white screen, and then bam right back to the apple logo.

This boot goes on forever. Even when I hold power + menu button, it turns on a few seconds then goes right back to the apple logo.

I was running 4.2.1. If I upgrade to 4.3 and rejailbreak, will I have all my old stuff? I definitely don't want to lose everything =\ Worked so hard and stuff.