View Full Version : iPad 2 Case Similar to This

Apr 2, 2011, 02:20 AM
Hey guys,
I'm looking around for an ipad 2 case that's really simple. Something like the Lost Dog iPad 1 Folio (http://www.lostdog.co/en/product/show/id/11)

Does anyone know of anything that's similar to this? I looked @ the Incase Book Jacket, and the two pieces of plastic at the back just kills the whole case for me.

So any suggestions or a type of case that this is called I'd be glad to look around and find something.

I've looked at the cygnett Lavish Earth, and I found it to be kinda bulky, a thinner version of that would be perfect. and yes I prefer something with leather/microfiber. Alcantara would be bomb too ;)

Thanks guys!