View Full Version : Walk N Txt 1.6

Apr 7, 2011, 10:19 AM
Walk N Txt has been updated to version 1.6!

With Walk N Txt you can type your txt messages while still being able to see what's in front of you! Using your iPhone's camera, Walk N Txt let's you see what's in front of you while your writing texts!

1.6 brings with it a few bug fixes, and a "see through" invisible keyboard, and a new Color option.

*Please note a bug has been found for non iPhone4 users, of which an update has already been submitted for and will hopefully be released within a few days.

I really need some reviews & suggestions, so please leave some feedback. A bunch of the current feedback has been left by competitors (shameful but true), so looking for more "real" feedback.

I also have a few promo codes left, so PM if you want one!