View Full Version : Xcode 4 SDK pathing issues

Apr 9, 2011, 09:17 AM
Apologies for the naivety of this question and my newness to XCode.
If this is not the correct forum please advise...

I have a number of XCode 3.2.3 test apps that worked fine.
On a fresh Mac Mini that has only has XCode 4.0.1 they generate pathing problems. If I create a new app it puts it on the desktop and appears to work.

With the old apps on the new machine...

Run as from the Desktop .
Foundataion.framework - Required
UIKit.framework - Required
CoreGraphics.framework - Required

Run from a folder under Development
#import <UKKit/UIKit.h> No such file or directory

In File/Project Settings I don't have an option under the Build tab to change the SDK path.

N.b. The "Test" apps are the ones supplied with the Dudley and Adamson book "iPhone SDK Development".