View Full Version : M-Edge Go Jacket

Apr 9, 2011, 05:08 PM
I got this today and haven't seen much on it. It's a very basic case, no bells and whistles but it's well made and suits my needs.

M-Edge Go Jacket (http://www.medgestore.com/products/ipad-go.psp)

I have the same case for my kindle and in the first photo you can see the Kindle on top of the iPad case for reference. Note that the leather has softened on spine of the Kindle version after several years usage (which I like) but otherwise it has held up very well. The case is a nice leather with a grey suede interior. The iPad is held in place by rigid straps on the bottom and elastic straps on the top. I haven't got my iPad yet but it came with a foam filler so you can see how the ipad will fit in. The typing angle is good, the upright (vertical or horizontal) is less so. I wouldn't trust either of those angles for actual use but it's fine for watching a movie or something.

I have a smart cover and am planning on getting a pixel skin. I wanted a case I could use in conjunction with those that would offer protection in my bag with a laptop and camera gear and allow me to get the iPad in and out of it easily as well as be something that would render the device a bit more discreet in public places than I suspect the pixel skin will do.