View Full Version : Screen protector + stylus or TPU case?

Apr 14, 2011, 04:17 PM
One of the improved feature of iPad 2 is the thinner design. However, I haven't been able to enjoyed this having my iPad in a leather folio style case all the time. So I am considering going (almost) naked with just a TPU case protecting the back, and a screen protector for the front.

The Power Support one seems to be the first choice by most, and I also had it on my iPhone and loved it. However, most TPU cases wrap around the edges and cover the bezels a bit. I wonder if the it will lift the edges of the screen protector? I would appreciate if anyone can share their experience on this.

Also, I use a stylus for my lectures a lot. On my iPad 1, I tried putting on a generic cheap protector, and found it causing additional drag on my stylus. It also decreased the sensitivity of the screen in sensing my hand writing. I wonder it the PS Crystal film would be any different?