View Full Version : X11 Problem/Question

Mar 5, 2005, 10:22 PM
So, heres the problem:

For a CS class I have this semester we use a Graphics API called EzWindows. When we use the API in class, we log into the UNIX server using X-Win 32 on a PC and everything runs fine. Because this seemed like a simple X-Window application, I figured I could login from X11 and work on my homework from my mac at home instead of going into the lab.

When I connect using ssh and tunneling X11 over ssh using this command:
"ssh -X username@servername.usc.edu"
Everything connects fine and other X-window apps work just fine (i.e. Emacs). But, when running any EzWindows app, the objects draw oversized. What I mean is, a project that displays perfectly fine in a window on a PC (1280x1024) at the lab doesn't fit (overflows off the screen) on my mac (also 1280x1024).

I'm not sure if theres a setting that I'm missing in X11, or if there is a different way I should connect to the server (different tag, or not use ssh)?

If anyone has any ideas, or needs me to clear up the question, just let me know