View Full Version : MBA coolbook help!

Apr 20, 2011, 03:46 PM
I'm trying to watch shows online such as netflix on my mom's MBA and I can't watch anything without constant choppiness - its unbearable. She has a 1.6ghz and 2g ram MBA and I've updated everything. I finally got coolbook but have no idea how to use it or if its even working. I searched other peoples suggestions and have made one setting for both adapter and battery of 1600 mhz and .9v with throttle level on high and temp set to 75c. I have set those and saved with both the throttling and coolbook active boxes checked. After doing all that though nothing has changed - the information in the bottom left of the tab doesn't input my new settings it still doing its own thing staying around 1600 and 1.15v and viewing is just as ******. What am I doing wrong and is that information box suppose to have my new settings displayed if I did everything correctly?

Apr 21, 2011, 04:57 AM
There are reports that 10.6.7 has caused video issues if applied via the mac update process vs. downloading direct. There are a couple of threads on this with instructions on how to reinstall OS.

As I understand it coolbook adjusts power to the CPUs in an attempt to get them to run cooler. Underclocking vs overclocking. Your CPU could be overheating causing core shutdown. I have not experienced this issue.

All else fails, go to the Apple store and demonstrate it for them. Let them fix it.