View Full Version : iOS app to augment web site?

Apr 25, 2011, 03:23 PM

--->> noob alert <<---

I'm totally new to iOS programming. I've been reading and tinkering with some xCode tutorials.
I have a question about the general process involved with a couple projects I have kickin around the noggin.

Is it possible to write an app to present all of the info available at a given web site, only in a more mobile device-friendly environment? Would the app allow for logging into user accounts?

I understand that this is very common if you own the site. But is it possible/practical to do this for a site where the owners provide no iOS app? Mostly I'm curious if there would be any technical (doubtful), ethical, or legal issues with doing this. I don't want to do anything unsavory, but really think an app would better serve a particular site's users.


Apr 26, 2011, 02:30 AM
U can just create a mobile form on your sever from your website. Because, what u are trying to accomplish, if the website is not your's, is to ask them, if it's ok, what u are doing, and try to make a deal or something, and where they get their info, and acces them, u need to create a real app (that's what ur saying). Not just a mobile page inside your app.
Well, u just need to think about what u really want to do!