View Full Version : Download and share large files and videos with 'Spirit Browser' (FREE for some hours)

May 1, 2011, 01:06 PM
I am not the dev, just passing the info:

Spirit Browser is a very cool and powerful browser, which has the following features:

* File Downloads, it supports background downloading, resuming and pausing, large file downloads. it is also able to download html 5 videos, embedded videos(Including YouTube, Daily Motion, etc.).

* Media Player, You can change the screen of media player to any size, drag it to any position, thus while browsing the web page you can enjoy music at the same time

* Shake to Change Skin, There are 5 beautiful skins that you can switch to other skins just by shaking your iPhone

* Multi-Tabbed Browsing, Spirit Browser is also a very beautiful tabbed browser , you can create , close , move ,rearrange tabs very easily , thus gain better user experience and productivity

* File Management and Sharing, with Spirit Browser , you can manage your files easily , such as moving, copying and pasting. You can also share your files with iTunes through USB,share your files with other iPhones , smart phones and computers through WIFI.

* View Cookie and HTML Source, For developers, you can view cookie information and html source.

Link to App Store:

Some of the cool features:




Slick! The video shows how you can download instantly three YouTube clips thanks to multi-tabbed browsing and simultaneous background downloading: