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May 9, 2011, 10:38 AM

I have just installed Lion preview II on a genuine iMac.
Just added a partition, and directly installed on that new partition (without burning to DVD, just running installer out of Snow Leopard).

Great new features in Lion. And one can easily choose what OS you like to start; just as with boot camp, by selecting start disk, or pressing Option key when booting to select OS).

But, now when I start Snow Leopard most programs try to use fonts from the Lion partition. That wouldn't be annoying, but theres always a dialog where you have to grant permission to use font X,Y,Z,...

By now my only (workaround) solution is to unmount the Lion partition.

Well, sound like Snow Leopard sees that there is a higher version available, and programs try to use resources from this higher version.

What can I do, to make SL run, as if there was no Lion installed beside?


PS: everyone who has the chance should give the Lion preview a try. Its new features are great.

May 12, 2011, 04:13 AM

I have the same setup, but not that problem...

May 12, 2011, 05:05 AM
Please start current version of Firefox in Snow Leopard.

I use the current version of Firefox (Update says "no updates available").
Every time I start Firefox on Snow Leopard it asks permission to use fonts from the Lion partition!?

My configuration is following:
iMac i7 late 2009
Snow Leopard partition (10.6.7)
Lion preview partition (Build 11A459e)
BootCamp partition
Firefox 4.x

Can any one reproduce his bug?