View Full Version : [Resolved] iMac G3 problem at startup

May 9, 2011, 12:32 PM
Hi guys,
About a week ago I bought a iMac G3 333mhz for about 5$ (at a garage sale). It runned OS 9.2, and I installed 10.3 on it. It all worked fine untill today. I opened the iMac for a Ram Upgrade. Found out I had the wrong type of ram for this model. So I connected all the cables into their main parts and closed the iMac. But now at startup it gives me a finder icon in a folder with a question mark. The installation CD from 10.3 doesn't do anything.

I know it just costed me 5$ but still I would hope if anyone has a solution for me.


I already found out what the problem was; After plugging back the memory I did not really a good job. The ram was not placed well which I think was the problem. Anyways it works again it was all worth the 5 bucks :D