View Full Version : import flv file to my ipod classic

May 11, 2011, 09:54 AM
I just downloaded wondershare to download youtube videos to my computer.
Now I have an flv file. I thought I could import that to my itunes. I don't see a category on the left to drag it to. I thought there would be videos or movies or something. I cannot drag it.

Then I search on macForums and read that it needs to be an mp4 file.
When I turn this into an mp4 file, where exactly do I drag into itunes? In the music file?

I got this wondershare free. Seems like I may need to buy something.

What I would like to do it download some music videos from youtube and be able to listen to them or just watch. Is there one add on that I could get that works well that will convert a youtube video into an mp4 or whatever it needs to be for itunes and my ipod. Also I would like it to turn into an mp3 if I just want to listen to it as an audio track.

I have tried downloading a couple of free add ons that didn't work. The wondershare works for getting an flv file. Seems like I just need to buy something that does it all and works well with the imac. Any suggestions?