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May 13, 2011, 03:59 AM
hi, i got problem when try to connect to shared folder. I got 2 MACs (imac snow leopard and macbookpro leopard), both are connected via utp cable to a wireless linksys router, the router is a gateway to the internet. The router is wireless, but i use cable to connect to the router for 'speed' reason.

I set up the the static IP for the mac :
mac-1 : (name : myimac.local)
mac-2 : (name : mybook.local)
router is :

i can ping from one point to other without problem, i can even browse the internet. But the afp/smb sharing is not working (but ftp works !). I got error 'connection is failed'.

I did some research as follow :

1. When using static IP, i can't connect to afp folder.

2. If i change the IP from static to DHCP IP, then the sharing problem is fixed. everything is OK.

3. If i switch back to static IP, the problem is back.

4. Now if i disconnect cable from router and now using cross cable to direct connection mac to mac (without router), then problem is fixed.

5. In the case no.1 above , where i can't connect to afp shared folder, it's weird that i can connect to shared folder using FTP , so ftp is working fine ... ftp://myimac.local/ no problem, but afp://myimac.local/sharedfolder or afp:// is a problem. (afp doens't work but ftp works) Is this a bug of the AFP ???

Conclusion : so the problem is fixed if i don't router (mac to mac using cross cable) or if i want to keep using the router then i have to change the ip to dhcp. i check all the IP addresses are valid and have no problem ( i can browse the internet and can FTP the shared folder)

Any idea ???? the afp can't simply work with static IP + Router or what ??? is this 'afp' now leopard problem ?


May 13, 2011, 10:29 AM
Interesting problem.

When you set your IP address statically, have you restarted the mac? I wonder if the AFPD service needs to be restarted so that it binds to the right address.