View Full Version : spotlight has changed (pros and cons)

May 15, 2011, 06:39 AM

Spotlight search has changed in some ways. There are lots of options about the kind of file one is searching. (don't know if the number of search options has increased).

But one negative thing is this:
You do not see the option "by file name", or "included in file title" in finder any more.
If you search this option; it is accessable in the Spotlight box within Finder app only (as far as I know). There you have the opportunity to choose between "Filename" and "All", as a drop down box next to the Finder magnifier icon.

I miss the good old (Snow) Leopard style, where you have the main search options ("On This Mac", "All My Files" and "in file content", "in file name") all in one line in Finder above the results frame.

I do not see why Apple dismissed this?!?
What are the benefits of hiding "search by name" this way.

for me spotlight therefore has become worse.

do you have any other pros and cons in Lion's spotlight

May 15, 2011, 11:40 AM
For me, the biggest con is that now when you search for a word definition, the word shows up near the bottom, not the top (as it used to). Because of that, I can't simply hit the DOWN arrow and be taken straight to the Dictionary app. What a pain.