View Full Version : Ipod 20GB Click Wheel won't play music!

Mar 15, 2005, 04:19 AM

I'm having a problem with a new Ipod and hoping someone can help.

Yesterday when I connected the Ipod to my (Windows XP) computer I had a message about a control file on the Ipod being corrupt and advising to run chkdsk. I couldn't run chkdsk because my computer wouldn't recognise the Ipod (although Itunes did, strangely).

To get around it, I used the Ipod Updater and restored the whole thing. All seemed fine, the error message didn't re-appear and I reloaded my music.

Today when I try and play the Ipod, it quickly scrolls through each song and won't play any!

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks :-)