View Full Version : cpu hog from random applications on 10.6.7

May 21, 2011, 12:21 PM
Hi guys,

These days my MBA is doing weird things.

The other day the fan was spinning like crazy and the area on the left hinge was so hot I could have cooked an egg. I didn't really bother at first cause I was brosing youtube, and thought that maybe was because of the videos, but then I stopped watching video and this thing was persisting.
I checked the activity monitor and iTunes was using the whole CPU, however I wasn't doing anything with it.
I quit the program, and everything went normal.

Now happend the same I had around 56% usage fan rpm over the 4000 and the CPU at 77. Quitted iTunes and everything was the same. Checked the activity monitor and I had Quick Note - an text editor app downloaded from the app store - that had is process using way too much CPU. Quitted and everything went normal.

Anyone had similar problems? Am I getting worried for nothing?

PS: Quick Note hits 100% CPU usage as soon I open it. Bad app programming?