View Full Version : Using my Airport base but can't communicate with it?

Mar 17, 2005, 04:14 PM
Am having a weird night with my wifi network.

I came in tonight and tried to get into my modem settings to check ADSL status. It decided not to let me in so I ended up having to reset the modem and jump through a few hoops before getting back on.

After restarting everything, I'm happily connected back to my Home network (I know it's mine since I had it entirely off for 2 hours and there aren't any other networks around). I have my modem going into an Airport Extreme and the Express added to that network and hooked up to the stereo.

But my Airtunes isn't showing. Then I realised that when I go into the Airport Admin utility, neither of my base stations are showing.If i rescan, they're still not there and if I put in the router address and password, it tells me I can't communicate with them.

If I try the Airport Management Tools, it can see both base stations on Rendezvous (as usual) but it can't communicate with them either.

Any ideas? They're still broadcasting my internet connection (obviously) and I'm loathe to restart them in case I lose the connection.

Mar 18, 2005, 02:46 PM
bumping to see if there are any more suggestions.

I've restarted both base stations and the Mac and while I can still get online through them, I can't see them in admin utility or iTunes.