View Full Version : Yacht Dice Games - classic dice game with Game Center multiplayer

May 26, 2011, 01:43 AM
Hi, I'm the developer of Yacht Dice Games, a "new" iPhone version of a classic dice game known by various names (such as Yahtzee when sold by Hasbro in North America). I say "new" because version 1 has been in the store since February but focused completely on the Scandinavian market.


I know there's a bunch of games in this "category" already in the store, but I have worked hard on making mine stand out with some features:

* Full Game Center support, including multiplayer for 2-4 players (you can also play 1-4 players hotseat or 2 players over Bluetooth).
* Crisp casino style graphics with accompanying soft jazz tunes.
* Smooth gameplay with actual dice rolling around.

If all you want is to play against yourself, my two buck game might be "overkill" (hey, I played a lot of Yahtzee Adventures myself) but if the idea of online multiplayer appeals to you please have a look! (If you got fed up with mistakenly placed results or accidental shakes in that other game, I can assure you neither is likely to happen in my game ;) )

I would also love to get some feedback, both on the look of the game from the screenshots and how it plays if anyone picks it up :)