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Jun 2, 2011, 02:21 AM
For about fifty cents US I picked up a used Mac Pro M7803 keyboard (carbon color). :)

I plan to use it with my iMac 27" - as I'd like to have the option of a non-wireless keyboard that has the number pad.

However the main USB cable that connects the keyboard to the computer for both data and power was for whatever reason snipped off pretty much right at the base of the keyboard.:( :eek:

(see pic below)

I figure it can't be rocket science to fix it... it seems it'd be as simple as opening up the keyboard and taking a look at where/how that USB cable attaches and replacing it. My guess it's probably soldered right onto some bit of circuit board just inside the case.

If I was lucky it's set up with some sort of connector and I could just unplug it and insert the new cable... but something tells me it's not that sort of set up.

I've found a useful page (http://technology.niagarac.on.ca/people/bgracey/prokeyboardrepair.html) that details resurrecting a Mac Pro keyboard from a soda-spill-death... by opening the case and cleaning it all out etc. But there isn't any mention per se of the USB cable or it's attachment.

My questions for anyone kind enough to drop the info on me are:

1) anyone ever replaced the main USB cable on this type of keyboard?:confused:

2) will any USB 2.0 cable work for this or is there something more I need to know about the main USB cable that connects this keyboard to the computer?:confused:

3) Also attached are what I've found so far as the spec for USB 2.0 cables is this standard also for Macs?

Thanks in advance for all replies.

Jun 2, 2011, 11:20 AM
no replys... hmmm... I'm guessing people just don't even bother fixing stuff like this much these days with whole new keyboards being probably a better time/value equation... sigh... oh well consider this a science project. :p

So I picked up a set of screwdrivers with bits that could undo the screws to get the keyboard apart and popped off the caps lock/semi colon and numbers 1-6 keys. No rocket science to get into the keyboard really.

You can see from the pics that the USB wiring matches exactly what I was able to find online. So that's good... I might be able to get away with just chopping up and rigging a standard USB cable with plug.

However... there is a small clear rubber bit with something in it that I'm not sure what it is... how important could it be right? Famous last words. There are tiny (too small for my eyes and no magnifier on hand just now) and then the other side is stamped with a hash symbol. Perhaps someone who knows their electronics a bit better might recognize the symbol as meaning something.

At any rate... soldering the wires back onto the board looks to be a rather delicate job... but may be the way to go. The only other option is to cut away as much of the unknown rubber housing - separate out the wires and pair them up with a new cable... then delicately wrap them in electrical tape. Not sure if that would work as I dunno if they need to be shielded or what that shielding even does really... cut interference? I dunno.:eek:

Anyone with any ideas?:p

Jun 6, 2011, 02:01 AM
wow... 300+ views and not a single response. :(

Maybe I'm on the wrong forum... does anyone know if there is another forum with more interest in tear down/fixes/hacks of older Mac/peripherals?