View Full Version : For Sale: Loaded 20" iMac G5 1.8GHz (1GB, Superdrive, bluetooth)

Mar 20, 2005, 09:24 PM
Auction Ends 3/26/2005


Mar 25, 2005, 06:11 AM
I have sent you PM's but no reply. Please get in touch!

Mar 26, 2005, 12:22 PM
mariahlullaby, I just sent you a PM.

Here's a full description:

TITLE: Loaded 20" iMac G5 1.8GHz (1GB, Superdrive, bluetooth)

This is a wonderful machine, but my company just got me a PowerBook, so I don't need the iMac anymore.

It's in mint condition. It's past the initial 90-day AppleCare period, but is only about 6-months into the regular 1-year warranty (and you can add the 3-year AppleCare plan anytime in the next 6 months). It's a loaded top-of-the line model and comes with:
1.8GHz G5 CPU
1 GB RAM (2 DIMMs)
160 GB hard drive
20" LCD
bluetooth kit
bluetooth mouse
bluetooth keyboard
original box, manuals, software, cables, etc
If you spec that out at Apple's website, you'll see that configuration costs $2223 new (+ tax).

Buyer pays actual shipping. Please ask any questions before bidding. Thanks!

Addendum: I've received some emails asking what software comes with it... it has the original install DVDs with OS X 10.3.5 (it's currently running 10.3.8, which it automatically updated to).

Some of the included programs are Address Book, Appleworks, Calculator, Chess, DVD Player, Garage Band, iDVD, Image Capture, iMovie, iTunes, IE, iPhoto, iSync, Mail, Preview, Quicktime, Safari, Sherlock, Stickies, TextEdit, World Book 2004, etc as well as a bunch of Utilities (Activity Monitor, Airport Admin, Bluetooth File Exchange, Console, Disk Utility, Network Utility, ODBC Admin, Printer Setup, Terminal, etc).

I'll wipe the system and reinstall OS X before shipping.
Starting bid was $1690. Here's some additional shipping info:

It's going from zipcode 01003. Package is 24x10x24", weighs 38 pounds, and must be insured for $1900ish.

I've calculated it for some other people:

To zipcode 14020
USPS Express = 80.15 + 21.20 (for insurance) = $101.35
USPS Priority = 23.30 + 21.20 (for insurance) = $44.50
UPS Ground = 17.60 + 19 (for insurance) = $36.60

To zipcodes 90640 and 94565
USPS Express = 80.15 + 21.20 (for insurance) = $101.35
USPS Priority = 67.30 + 21.20 (for insurance) = $88.50
UPS Ground = 42.18 + 19 (for insurance) = $61.18

(note that UPS cost may be a little higher than what you'd calculate on their website because I'd ship through a Mail Boxes Etc store)