View Full Version : Icloud ios 5 & lion

Delta Heavy
Jun 7, 2011, 12:35 PM
Hi All

In the release it says icloud will be free to those with ios 5 & lion, do you have to have both or is it one or the other. Is ios 5 free when released i see lion is approx $30

if i understand correctly will icloud only store iwork files (as well as itunes music, books and films) or can you still store excel spreadsheets as i do in idisk, i tried iwork and couldnt get the hang of it so went back to excel, as i work as a subcontract accountant i store all my files on idisk which are excel, will i no longer be able to store these in the icloud, was hoping the icloud for syncing files would be the same as idisk

What are people's thoughts on the new itunes where it matches your music to other music and you can stream it at a cost of $24.99 per year, not sure if i understood this itunes part

Would like some help understanding the new software please