View Full Version : Lion and MBA refresh both coming soon..

Jun 7, 2011, 03:56 PM
..presumably anyway. Can we safely assume that the Lion release will be before (or at least, concurrent with) the new MacBook Air? It would be silly to ship a whole bunch of new machines, only to have those early purchasers to be "rewarded" with downloading and installing a new operating system just a few weeks later.

Right? (I hope, anyway. I was holding off buying an Air until the new ones come out. If I can save myself the annoyance of installing an OS, I'll wait a bit longer, I guess. I do want to avoid the old "well, now I'm going to wait for the inevitable problems of a 'point' release", and convince myself to wait until 10.7.1, and then "well, I'll wait until some other upgrade is available", etc etc)