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Sep 22, 2002, 03:41 PM
Here is the future eBay description if no one here buys it:

HUGE Newton 2000 Package!!!

This is a fantastic package for Newton enthusiasts, collectors or people new to the Newton. I hate to part with this, but I need money for a computer upgrade.

Included in this auction are:

1 fully functioning Newton 2000 (not an upgraded one, but an original)
1 Newton original Titanium Stylus
1 Black genuine leather case for the Newton 2xxx series
1 10 MB Flash memory card for the Newton
1 Newton 9W Power Adapter
1 AA Battery Cage-Allows you to use four AA batteries to power the Newton.

Other items in the auction:
The original box with a sticker showing the original purchase price of $999.00 (!!)
Serial Cable for Newton to PC connection
Black Newton 8-din cable for connection to Macintosh
Belkiin USB to Serial Adapter for connection to your desktop/laptop computer-this is powered by your USB port, and it comes with the USB cable and Software CD!!
Newton Serial Dongle

This Newton already has quite a bit of software on it (including Newton Operating System 2.1), which I will leave on, but I have the following software on the ORIGINAL floppy disks:
Newton Connection Utilities--both Mac and Windows versions
Aloha!-e-mail client compatable with AOL mail
QuickFigure Works-Mac and PC
NS BASIC 3.02 for the Newton
Macintosh FilePad
Notion: The Newton List Manager--Mac and Windows
Newton Software Sampler

ALL of the original documents and manuals are included with this packsge.
Newton Internet Enabler User's Manual
Newton Works Word Processor User's Manual
MessagePad 2000 Getting Started
Using E-Mail on Your MessagePad 2000
MessagePad 2000 User's Manual
Newton Connection Utilities Manual for Windows
Newton Connection Utilities Manual for Macintosh

The outer case of this Newton is immaculate! The door cover for the Interconnect Port is intact, as well as the flip-over screen cover. The screen has about 7 repetitive-use marks on it--These do NOT affect the operation of this machine in the slightest!! They are only a cosmetic flaw, and I PROMISE you that they do not affect the operation of the Newton!!!! This Newt does not suffer from a screen problem known in the Newton world as the "jaggies". I have used this Newton daily for over 2 years, and it has been flawless in its operation. Don't let this fantastic package pass you by! All of these items purchased separately on eBay will cost you a couple of hundred dollars, and you won't get all of the documentation and original disks.

Buyer pays shipping of $20.00 for all.

I am asking for $300.00. Maybe that's high, maybe it's not, but there's not another handheld in the world like the Newton, and I'm selling everything you need to use it right away. Normally I would consider a trade, but I need the cash this time. You can pay via PayPal or money order. We'll discuss it after you contact me. Hope someone can take this baby and treat it well!

E-mail me soupruls@hotmail.com-if you want to buy this beautiful little item.

Oct 7, 2002, 02:39 PM
Guess my price was too high. Oh, well, I sold it on eBay. Thanks for looking!


Oct 26, 2002, 08:48 PM
How much did you get for it?? I know people pay hundreds for the stupid thing's.

Nov 8, 2002, 09:34 PM
$250.00. Not nice to call them stupid. :)