View Full Version : PDAir Ipad 2 Leather Folio Case (Ver 1)

Jun 23, 2011, 11:26 PM
Haven't seen any threads about this case. I've had mine about a month and like it quite a bit. The quality of the leather is very good. The fit is excellent. The case has some padding for protection. Downsides for some are it adds a little bulk and covers the bezel (gotten used to it). It has magnets on each corner to keep the front cover in place when closed, and the sleep/awake feature works perfectly (even with the cover folded behind). It comes in black or brown leather. PDAir also makes a version 2 cover with a different design. Found this video on youtube:


I also have the STM Skinny, which I like, although I could live without the tab (waiting for that July release of a new version).